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11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Look I did it. I got this to work so here is my avatar. This is a pic of my pup Oreo. He was so sick when he was born the vet told us twice he wasn't going to make it. He is now over 2 1/2 years old and doing good. He has had surgery and is on meds but other then that he is doing good.
my avatar was very sick also when she was a pup, the vet said we should bring her down and he would put her down...I would have done it but I didn't have the car that day..well long story short, by the time my wife got home she was up and eating and doing what we named her for.. Her name is Poopcee
she is now 18 months old..


BTW great looking Pup..
Yes I am in Vian. I have some polish eggs in the bator now. I wish I could find a polish hen. Need any more quail? I just had some hatch.
I am glad you have some in the bator, I have 3 silver laced and 1 golden laced about 2 months old that I think are all Roos. I had 30 about 3 weeks ago and sold them all..

No thanks on the quail, I had 6 out of my 14 eggs hatch yesterday and loss all 6 last night.. I am going to wait until spring and maybe find some of the Jumbos that are like 12 or 14 Oz when dressed..

I am also looking for some White Utility King Pigeons..I am hoping to find some at chickenstock next month..


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