My B.O., Happy, is not like the others.


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6 Years
Mar 31, 2013
Medina, NY

Here she is with feathers all askew, her brooder mates are in the basket.

Here she is during a poop check. Just learning about the different poos so as not to worry about coccidoisis. Some in the brooder was having loose poos so I was intent to find out who. I did find out and after looking at the poop site found it was normal So all's good there.

Ok, so I purchased them all at the same time. They were all the same size then, now 2 chicks are definitely smaller than the others. Happy has no tail feathers to speak of and her wings look bald at the 'elbows'.

Any idea why? I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

They will develop at different rates, and can look a bit ratty when young.

How much space do they have? They could be running into each other, or even doing a little feather picking (a little is also normal.) Do you ever take them outside for outings?
Yes the brooder is shrinking and yes we have been taking them out everyday for a stretch and every other day to clean out the brooder. As soon as we had a sunny warm day they were outside for a while. Then my DH put up a pen in the yard and they out there as soon as it warm enough and stay there for a few hours. They are out now with my 2 DDs to play with. Sarah is in the garden digging worms for them. Hannah is sitting in the pen and acting as a perch for them. They will be coming in in a couple of hours. Okay, gotta go and clean up a perch girl. LOL Thanks.


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