My Babie


Mar 5, 2018
I have a white Chinese goose,(baby) a brown African goose(gretchin), and a embden/ african gander (oilslick). Oilslick is breeding baby. He won't breed gretchin. But what should I expect on the babies by baby. And will he later bread gretchin. I have 5 eggs incubating off the white china female and embden/African gander
Oilslick[what a cute name] may never breed Gretchen but you never know. Some ganders pick one female as a mate and just don't want another. Is he treating Gretchen okay though not being mean to her? Sometimes they can even try to run the other female away and try and hurt her.
As for gosling from the pair they will be a mix and should resemble both parents. You'll just have to wait on that one. What ever they will be adorable. Please post pics when they hatch

Oil slick is kind to gretchin. Baby was the only goose for a while. Gretchin came to us after her mate had died. Apparently a coyote got her first mate and new clutch. Baby took instantly to her. She was scared of people but Baby made her interact. She won't let anyone be mean to Gretchin. She even got my roo realgood one day for chasing gretchin.Oilslick has been here for about two months. Baby welcomed him as well. He protects both females real well. Poor thing got beat up by gretchin for a week or so but they all gaggle now.

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