My babies are coming...


Overrun with ducklings :)
10 Years
May 27, 2009
in another week!!!! I am so excited!!! Sorry, I had to tell someone
Woohoo! Mine are coming around July 6 and I can't wait either! Fortunately I have 4 five-week-olds to keep me busy until then.
congrats! My babies are 3 weeks old and so adorable..... After us buying and hatching I ended up with 48 chicks........I need to slow down a little!
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LOL, since I a going to have 32 birds and no coop, I think I am the one who needs to slow down
. OK, actually, the coop only needs one more wall and shingles so the big girls should be out there by the time the babies come, if it ever stops raining here! Coop would have been done weeks ago if not for the rain but the girls have a run so they are not stuck in the brooder 24/7. If it's not done, I guess the babies will just have to sleep with me, LOL!
If you are going into it know what the end is I'm sure you will be fine. I just re-homed meaties yesterday but we had no idea what they were when DH bought them for me so after bonding with them, no way! If I get a mean one I will have no problem with it but these cornishX were not even close to mean. I'm sure once the 1st one is done, the rest will be easier.

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