My babies are having babies!!

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    Hee-hee... I feel like an excited Grandma cause my chickens, that I've raised from chicks, are having chicks! I have a Barred Rock and a Rhode Island Red sitting and the first babies have started hatching today! As of 8:00pm we have three hatched and one working it's way out. My son and I keep going back and forth from the house to the coop to see how they are doing. Now that it's getting dark out I have to close up the coop but I know I will run out there first thing in the morning to see how many more have hatched. This is SOOOOO exciting!

    If anyone is interested, I posted some pics on my page. How long should we wait before we can hold the chicks? Or is that even an issue with chickens? Sometimes I go to the feed store just to play with the baby chickens, hee-hee. I can't help it, they are just so adorable.
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    I don't think there is any reason to wait, if Mama will let you, that is. You might have to argue with Mama about this....

    Congrats, Grandma!
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