My baby chicks arrived today!!

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8 Years
Feb 25, 2011
My baby chicks arrived today, I was not expecting them to come on a sunday. The post office called this morning, YEA the message wass so cute. These are my first baby chicks ,so I was nervous when I went to picked them up!!! Right now they seem to be doing just fine, my free rare chick looks like a brahma.
Thats so egg-citing!
I ordered from Mcmurray Hatchery. I'm really not a fan of them all sleeping it kind of scares me, it's my first time having baby chicks.
They're probably tired from stress. Remember they've been traveling around in tight quarters for many hours. Just keep an eye on them and see what happens. When I picked up my chicks this morning one of them just sat in the middle of the brooder doing nothing while the other 5 ran around eating and drinking. I gave her some poly-vi-sol (liquid baby vitamins) in water and she perked up a bit and now she's also playing and eating and drinking.

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