My baby just had babies and I don't know what to do


10 Years
Jul 20, 2009
Do I need to put them in a brooder or do I let mom do the work? Temps are 60 - 70 days and 50 - 60 nights outside. They have a hen house but shared by the others. Mom seems to be shooing the others away. Help this first time Grandma out. What do I do?
I've read other postings about chickens attacking others' chicks. Is your hen house big enough to put a large dog pen or something in it for the mama and her babies??? Something big enough to include food/water for her, and for the babies?? Hope several voices of experience chime in soon....
I could put her in a seperate cage, yes! Thanks anxiously awaiting advice.
Just let her be with the chicks. If she seems to be doing good with them then just let her do it. Its rare to come by a good mother hen. But when it does happen it is a rewarding experience.

Make sure you keep plenty of water and food near them. And besure to give them a small chick waterer. either or not if you think they need one its good to have one just because they could drown in the larger ones.

I have had Mothers raise chicks in 30 degree weather or less and they did just fine.

But watch and if somebody acts kind of slugish and cries allot then check.

She'll do it herself when she's ready. Just like other animals wean or distance themselves from their offspring when ready.
If she's doing a good job with the chicks and protecting them from other chickens, I see no reason not to leave her to it. She can do a better job than a human can.
She is still in the hen box sitting on eggs. I've placed an egg carton with water and some food in the hen box. She is also about 4 inches off the floor - one chick fell out - put it back. Will mom teach the chicks to drink - I know they can survive for a day, but can she do it while still sitting on more eggs?
She''ll know when to get off of the nest... .and I'd separate them from the other chickens for at least a week.... making certain that they have plenty of water in a chick waterer and chick starter.

Good luck.
Separate them and take lots of pictures!
and be glad you don't have to worry and fuss over them half as much! Here is a pic of our broody who hatched out the one egg she was sitting on. She would attack any animal that came within 5 feet of her and her baby, our poor lab never new why she was being so mean.


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