My backyard flock

Very cute! Esp. love those Orpingtons!!!
They're so fluffy!!!
They are so fluffy and they are very spoiled.I love my chcikens.Thank you for your reply.Do you have orps?
I only have 1, Millie. She is 7 months old and I just love her! I have always had a mixed flock, but never had Buffs, and she had easily become one of my favorites!
I have some buff orp Easter egger babies.They are very friendly chickens.
I bred my buffs with my Easter egger roo.Do you hatch eggs?
Very Cute!
No I dont hatch eggs. I do have a black star, Dory, who goes broody twice a year on average. The first time I let her sit on 5 eggs and ALL five turned out to be Roos!! Since then, whenever she goes broody I order 4 or more little girls and then sneak them under Dory. Thats how I got Millie! With Millies group I also got 2 EE and a Silverlaced Wy.

I have to give props to my hen, Dory. She is the best momma I have ever had!
Wow,all 5 where roos.well Dory sounds like an amazing mom.They all sound like they are good chickens.They are lucky to have a good owner too.I didn't realize that I would ever be raising chickens,it all sounded crazy a few years ago.But I really enjoy raising them.I have a small flock only 7,but I am trying to expand,my sister wants some too.Do you get colored eggs?I am hoping to get an EE hen.I would really like to see your chickens,I bet they are beautiful.

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