My bantam Cochin is kinda droopy...


8 Years
Apr 23, 2011
SW Arkansas
Yesterday afternoon my husband noticed his favorite (figures) bantam was just looking "down." It is kinda hard to explain. He normally runs around the pen chasing the others and taking away their bugs. However, he was not. He was just sitting there in one spot. He brought him in with the rest of the chicks and we decided that we would see how he was in the morning. I had work, so I didn't get the chance to really examine him until this afternoon. My husband gave him sugar water and kept one of his running mates inside with him... (not sure that was the greatest idea, but we figured they had already been exposed to the same whatever, so it couldn't hurt too much... Also, that chick is fine) By the time I got home, he seemed a little better. I think it is in part the heat. He is not drooping anymore. Oh and at first every time we picked him up, he would drool a little bit, and that has stopped. He seems to be drinking fine, but his crop seems empty. We had the chick starter for him and a little piece of watermelon. I took him outside for a few minutes and my husband found him a worm, which he loved! I was so glad to seem him eat. He scratched around pecking at the ground for around 15 minutes. He still seems down. He is not really his normal self. He seems a lot better but not normal. It is really hard for me to explain... Sorry. His eyes look like he is sad...

So do you think I am correct in thinking the heat in the area is the reason for the issues or could it be something else. If it is the heat, is there anything I can do to help him get over the heat faster??

Oh and his poop looks normal. I made sure to check that.

Thank you everyone!!!
It really depends... Could you post a picture of him?

If he is looking pale, that could be anemia.
Please post pictures, that would help us a lot. But if he's not better, then you should take him to the vet.
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This is him a few days ago...

This is him now


Oh and he looks like he is starting to get really thin. Here is a pic of his rear ( hard to get because of the feathers... AND it is a very weird pic to take in the first place...). His bone are starting to get prominent. I did notice his crop seems to actually feel gritty again... Just not as full as it should be...

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