my bantam is off balanced and cant walk well!!

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  1. kattyrice

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    Mar 5, 2013
    I have a bantam cockerel that was raised with other chicks as well ...and one day he was just not sturdy and it looks like he is really dizzy and off balanced... im wondering if its a deficiency of some sort? he has been like this for about 5 days and he still seems pretty alert... i dont think he can eat or drink well either but his crop feels full...i have assisted feeding and watering him and he responds fairly well... he can walk a little but kinda nose dives or falls sideways.... we didnt feed him chick starter for as long as the bag said & started feeding them layer feed instead....any ideas?
  2. MSBG

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    May 15, 2009
    Sorry to hear this. I have heard that these symptoms could be related to a stroke. Hard as heck to guess - you could go to the poultry site and see if they have anything in the way of information to offer.

    Good luck
  3. HanwellChickens

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    Jun 12, 2013
    Hanwell, New Brunswick
    I have a Cochin bantam that does the same thing. He's been like this for some time. He can't stand up straight like the other chickens and when he does walk, he kind of shuffles. He eats and drinks fine and can shuffle to the feeder and waterer, but can't leave the run as he can't get out. There is grass in the run for him to forage. He's around 13 weeks now and has been like this for at least 1.5 months. He's a sweet little thing that likes to cuddle :)

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