my bator is officially EMPTY :(

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    Nov 4, 2008
    sadly, once again, I've had failed developments, i THINK it had to do with the recent fluxs in the tempurate about a week back.

    I had a mallard egg I was SO excited about to hatch TODAY, I checked for pips this morning, but the egg, well I gently broke away the shell, inside was the baby, some smelly green stuff that looked like poo?, the baby was about 4 inches, fully formed, had fuzz, it looked like a baby mallard, but it still had alot of yolk, it was stiff as a board. dead, ofcourse, it looks like it died yesterday, maybe the day before.could have been longer.

    the 3 remaining RIR eggs also smelled funky, out they went, NOTHING in ANY of my auction duck eggs either, saddest of all, Lyras eggs had two quiters :'(. even my button eggs had quiters...

    sooo bator is empty, unplugged, and waiting to be cleaned and disinfected. I'm going to wait awhile before setting any more eggs, and NO more staggered hatches.
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    so sorry you didn't get to hatch your babies... [​IMG]

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