My bator must be running hot....

Fat Daddy

11 Years
Dec 11, 2010
I set 21 eggs at 6 am the 5th, locked them down in a cooler bator\\hatcher yesterday. I just went in to eyeball'em a bit and could count 11 pips.
While I'm all fired up about new fuzzy butts, my timing is just a bit off. Brooders ready and I got my popcorn and all, But still....
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i noticed that the weather in my area caused some flux in my temp. as well, will this effect the hatch much? it was a few degrees either way and only for an hour or two at most.
When I use a bator with a wafer thermostat, every time a front moved thru my temp would go up or down. With the brinsea, that is not a problem. I think my deal is the thermometer I trusted.Put 3 side by side and all read different...
so the brinsea is the way to go? cuz i got a little giant and its doing ok but the temp scare has me checking every few min. and its fine now but i dont know... i will prob. get a new bator for my next batch and use this one for less important hatches.
I feel strongly that the brinsea is the bator of choice for the under 100 egg hatch, quail folks. Never hatched chickens eggs but i guess you could get 20 or so in there.
Mine is the eco 20 and you dont even have to look at the temp, just roll it over to the other side when my cell phone alarm quacks at me 3 times a day. I roll it when I get up. I come home for lunch and roll it again. I get home and roll it, again at 7 pm and then just before I go to bed.
Im sure once when you get up, when you get home from work and just before bed would work just as well too.
The only time you need to open it is to add water every other day or so. If I got a turner I'd be taken out of the process for the most part.... Bill

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