My Beautiful Black Astralorp has developed an extended vent...large red and very sore. How to treat?

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5 Years
Apr 11, 2014
My Black Australorp, Ebonnee, has developed an exposed vent. It is very red, large (about the size of a small egg). Her bottom is clean. I am afraid she might be impacted. She is drinking and eating with no problem. It is not bothering her in the nest or on the roost. What can I do to correct this. All my chicken books are on loan to friends who are newbies, so I don't have my references.
That sounds like she has a prolapsed cloaca or vent. Can you post a picture? This can happen alone or combined with a stuck egg, so try to feel for an egg. Clean her vent off if it is soiled, and apply honey or Preparation H cream to the red vent to help decrease swelling. Then try to push the red tissue back inside. Keep it moist to help the red internal tissue from drying out, which will cause it to die. If the prolapse does not go back in, and it gets soiled, you will need to give her baths (epsom salt or soap) to keep it clean and moist. Prolapses usually will pop back out, but keep pushing it back inside. To help her temporarily stop laying, place her in a darkened cage or room for 16 hours overnight, and reduce her feed ration. Give plenty of water. Hre is some reading about this:


photo by armorfirelady of a prolapse

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