My best buddy...

Ugly Cowboy

11 Years
Apr 25, 2008
Corn, OK
Hey yall, please pray for my best buddy, he smokes like a chimney and he's killin himself (he's already on oxygen.) I know its hard to quit stuff (I aint never smoked, but I've done other stuff) but he needs to quit, I dont wanna lose the only real friend I got, he's helped me through some VERY bad times. Now I know there are Christians on here to, and it never hurts to have more than one person prayin does it?
So please pray for him.


Flock Mistress
11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
N. IL.
I know this is hard. My husbands family is the same way. My sister works at the Mayo clinic where they diagnose the kinds of cancers related to smoking and those that are not. It'd be good for your buddy to quit but the hard truth is the damage has already been done.

I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe your friend needs a friend for comfort and strength like he has in you, no matter what shall come.

I think it's a hard habit to kick but it can be done. I hope and I pray those who pick up a smoke of any kind will feel an unpleasant feeling and turn from it. I hope they are touched by their friends and family and community members enough to WANT to make a change for the good. In Jesus Christ's name we pray, Amen.

Love in Christ,

Acre of Blessings

Canning/Sewing Addict
11 Years
Apr 3, 2008
Axton, VA
check out this website and go to the forum and register. There are alot of people there that can help. Also you can find a local chapter that may be in your area.

I knoe this program works because it helped me. I smoked for 26 years
I am only 37 so you do the math) and I have been smoke free for 2 yrs. and 21 days. Thanks to the help of Jesus through this program.

We here will be praying that your friend will get the help he needs to quit. But don't tell him that he needs to quit, because he already knows that.


11 Years
Jun 26, 2008
Columbiaville, MI
Thank You Father God that Micah knows You are bigger than his friend's addiction. Lord, i ask that You bless his friend with the spirit of self control and heal his addiction.

i ask a double portion of blessing on Micah that he may be a witness to his friend and lift him up. i come believing that You already know this need and that You will honor Your word,"when two or more are gathered in My name, there I am also."

Thank You, Abba Father for Micah's boldness to come asking bluntly and honestly. Thank You Lord for being who You are, the Great Healer! in Jesus most holy name, Amen!

who wouldn't want a friend like Ugly Cowboy? God bless you. keep us posted.

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