My bf told me they were dead.


8 Years
Feb 15, 2011
Griffin, GA
My bf sent me this picture and told me my birds were dead. I didn't believe him but it did make me take a second look.
I would have beat him.
My chickens do that sometimes. The 1st time I saw it I thought they were dead. Scared me to death. lol
Sunbathing chickens look so incredibly stupid. I almost beat the dog into the moon until I found out the dead chicken in her pen was just playing silly buggers. Luckily the moment I screamed, "LOLA WHAT THE EFF DID YOU DO!?" the chicken jumped up and ran. And my poor dog was so upset.
I did much the same thing, my poor pup Sirius was so scared when I yelled at him, but then the chicken in question got up and wandered over to me in search of treats... Poor Sirius, he always catches the blame.
They are playing dead while the other hen sneaks in the house and steals all the goodies!
There is always an underlying plan... I have a pic of my Australorp doing that, and my pig was looking at her wondering the exact same thing
First time I saw my chickens dustbathing, I had just spent half an hour looking for them and wasn't sure whether to be scared out of my mind or angry. When I found them lying upside down and rolling around I thought they were dying. That did NOT help my nerves.

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