My birthday chickens


Jul 17, 2016
I'm pretty new here. I posted my recent losses a few days ago. About a month ago, 2 of my remaining 4 chickens were taken by raccoons. A friend gave me two girls, and my hubby lost one a few days later. I was ready to just throw in the towel. But yesterday for my birthday he got me three six week old ladies. An Easter Egger, an Olive Egger, and a Wellsummer. Back up to my flock of 6. I told him to keep the coon trap out, and allow me to handle these ladies until they know my property. I can't handle another loss for a while. He was so sweet and supportive to push me to stick with raising these ladies. Here are my newest additions hanging in the garage until they are coop ready. Along with my favorite pic of me and of the original six. Only her and Big Red remain.



They are ready for the coop. But I'm currently using my introduction run (it's next to but separate from the full run) for the silver laced girl. Once she is fully introduced, I'll start letting the little ones check out their new sisters. I'm in a weird situation with old, new and newer chickens. It's a little chaotic. Haha
Wow that's crazy!
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I love your pig story. What a trouble maker! I'm sure my husband would be jealous. He wants goats so badly. Right now I have six chickens, a cat, a toddler and a newborn though. I'm not ready to add goats into the mix! Maybe someday. Do you enjoy goats? I see you're in WV. I'm just north of Pittsburgh.

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