My birthday ducky adventure beginnings

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by DuckyLovin2, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. DuckyLovin2

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    Mar 22, 2018
    So You want a duck huh?!?
    I always wanted a duck. I carried a porcelain pekin duck around as a child and just wanted one.
    My wife decided to surprise me with not one but two adorable two day old Pekins.
    Now when I said I wanted a duck I had no clue what that REALLY meant.
    So I hurried and researched everything under the duck sun to provide for my new babies.
    Even though they were a unexpected treasure, I couldn't be happier
    I'm working on have my babies as loving as possible.
    My goal is to have them as indoor at night outdoor during the day kinda enclosure with a pet door and such to the indoor enclosure.
    So far we have mastered
    Swimming,eating ,pooping (a lot )treats follow the leader cuddling and toys!
    So all good things so far
    Our baby boy daffy is so the boss even though he's only two weeks
    Our baby girl daisy is so submissive.
    They seem to get on well so that's exciting.
    The only thing about her is she wines more at night (bedtime)for attention than he does!
    Can't stop thinking about what else I can do to make them as happy as possible even though I've read their wants are pretty minimal. ;)
    Anywhooo just a intro to our new adventures
    I'll stay updated with their activities
  2. Julie Birb

    Julie Birb Ducks win

    Mar 22, 2014
    Congratulations!! They are so cute in your hands like that. Looking forward to seeing more about them in the future.
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  3. Miss Lydia

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    Sounds like your doing great with them Congratulations..

    You might try giving them a nice stuffed animal/s to sleep cuddled with [Thrift stores always have lots] these can be washed and used over and over. Not sure since she has a buddy in Donald but even a non breakable mirror can help maybe with whining.

    Also more info

    They sure are an adorable duo!!
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  4. DuckyLovin2

    DuckyLovin2 Chirping

    Mar 22, 2018
    I will try it asap at the moment they have a mini lamb chop that they just nibble and toss around but they don't cuddle it ;)
    Mirrors and stuffy got it ;)
    Coming soon
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