My blue cochin was setting on eggs this spring and the first one


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had hatched when the next day we brought home 100 Delaware roosters (for meat birds) Well this is a picture of what happened. Unfortunately she abandoned her nest when she herd the newbies peeping next door. In the pile you can see one little black head of her chick. These were the happiest, healthiest, most well adjusted hatchery chicks ever I believe because they had a real momma. I loved watching her give "chick back rides" it wasn't uncommon to see her walking around with 3 or 4 on her back. she was wonderful with them!


My broody Ameraucana won't even accept chicks that she brooded on, yet I had to manually help hatch, then put the chick back under her. She'd peck them nearly to death if I didn't immediately get rid of them.

But seriously, WOW that is some job!!
she was/is an amazing momma! She just hatched a new batch of 6 chicks. I love this chicken. I had a cuckoo maran that raised up a bunch of hatchery chicks for me also. Hers were 2 or 3 days old when I brought them home so I just slipped about 15 of them under her from behind....If chickens are anything like other critters I'm assuming they know the smell of their own long as I slipped them under her she accepted them. If I just tried to put them in the hen with them it was a no go. I find the hatchery chicks that I can get a momma to raise are a lot stronger well adjusted and happier chickens where the ones I keep under a heat lamp seem to grow slower and require the light for what seems like a LOOOOOOONG time. I have 3 hens with chicks amazes me how these hens with chicks will run around on brisk cool mornings and the chicks never peep but a hatchery chick would be freezing to death, huddled in some corner not knowing what to do with themselves. I want more cochins to use as incubators

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