My Boss Hen Sally Found Dead This Morning!


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Mar 20, 2009
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My 6 mo old "boss hen" Barred Rock, Sally, was face down and unmoving when I went to the coop this morning. She had shwon no sign of being sick the days before, and there was no evidence of a predator that I could see. Does this happen often, and what could be some of the possible causes?
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I think this is another instance of Sudden Pullet Death Syndrome. Most of us have had pullets that were perfectly healthy looking in the morning, be dead in the evening.

There can be many causes besides obvious signs of illness: most of which relate to internal malfunctions about egg-laying.

Just bury her with a prayer and ask for guidance about possible illness in the rest of your flock.
The same thing happened to me . In August I Just found one of my 20 week White rock puillets ( Opal ) dead. All my other birds have been fine.
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What a shock, right? I first called out, "Sally? What are you doing, crazy bird?" Then it immediately struck me that she wasn't moving at all. Such a pity!

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