my bourbon reds just started laying what now ?


9 Years
Apr 1, 2010

First egg from my flock they are 11 months old will they set them? How many days do they lay before they set typically? They are using a coop that’s not in use they free range and roost in the trees at night and they are bourbon reds that can fly
im jealous, im still waiting
mine are around the same age. where are you located? just wondering because id like to know when turkeys in my area are starting to lay
I have 2 bourbon red hens (and one tom) and at least one of them started laying about 2 weeks ago, just like every 3rd day. Yesterday and today, we got one egg a day. We put eggs 2-6 into our incubator. The 7th one (today) we cracked open to make sure they were actually fertile, which it was (hopefully others were too). We scrambled it and it was so much lighter in color than our chicken eggs. My mom said it tasted like egg whites. I didn't like the taste, but I'm currently sick, so not a good judge. Hubby said they tasted normal.

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