My boys


Dec 22, 2015

Since it is their first winter and the first time I have had ducks I think I need duck diapers for them to be in the house every once in a while as the snow is pretty deep. Where can I get some inexpensive diapers? Any tips on ducks in the winter?
Haha those dudes sure look like they're living the good life! LOVE your duck enclosure-it is so fancy! The name of your duck coop really "quacks" me up.

You can buy chicken diapers on, not sure if they'd work for ducks but you could try.
That is an amazing enclosure and I wish I had one like it! When your ducks are outside in the winter be extremely careful about whether there is water out - they WILL try to swim no matter how cold it is, and sometimes their feathers will ice over. You have to make sure their feet don't get wet on extremely cold days because that can cause frostbite.

Taking them inside to warm up can help but be careful when you do that - going from a warm environment to extremely cold can be bad for their health. So basically if you take them in only let them out on the 'warmer' of the cold days.

The ducks will still want to play outside and they will eat the snow and nibble on the ice and they slip and fall. We sometimes get leg injuries as a result but they heal with some R&R inside their pen. Ducks are fairly stable in winter, especially pekins - we had no trouble with our pekins even though they were outside all winter last year

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