My BR hen left her eggs


10 Years
Feb 22, 2009
She had 10 days to go. I'm scrambling to know what to do. She initially left them last Fri, but went back. I was out of town this wknd and she went off them again yesterday. She went back again. Today, she went off but did not go back. She was hanging around me like she wanted to be petted. When I scratched her, she laid down. She went back into the box, so I helped her back on the eggs. She didn't stay and has been off ever since. I have no incubator, so I called a friend to see if I could borrow hers. She couldn't find all the pieces. I am. I have nothing to lose with these eggs, but I would like to try to get them to hatch. Right now, they are in a carboard flat on top of a cookie tin heater. They are below a heat lamp, but not directly below. I just went out to check them. They are warm, not hot. I think I need to turn them 3 times per day. I'm trying to figure out the humidity. When is turkey lockdown and how high should the humidity be? I can move them inside if I need to. I'm just trying to figure everything out before I do anything too drastic. I would appreciate suggestions and ideas from all of you experts. Thank you.
I would say leave them alone. The hen knows what she is doing. I am always surprised by the end result and usually pleasantly surprised. My hens never go by the book.
Thank you houndit. That is a good site. I think I may have a broody hen. I hope so. I'll move her tonight. I don't know if these eggs are going to make it. There have been such swings of temps for them. If they do hatch, it will be a miracle.
after day one that the hen leaves, your hatch % will start to go down! if she's a young hen maybe she will do better next year! if she is an older hen I would hatch them my -self! I raise turkeys and I never depened on the hens hatching there own eggs! in fact I hatch them just for that very reason! turkeys are ground nesters that means dirt ( not hay ,not sawdust,) nothing but dirt and dry dirt! sure some people will say mine do just fine on hay! maybe one hen!! reasons for leaving next no cover from other birds, sawdust to damp, hay gets wet starts to mold and heat up , to much going on in nest area! bothered by other birds, my nest areas are a conner with a bowl shaped nest of dry dirt and then a piece of plywood leaned over nest are to keep it dark and make the hen feel safe!!! good luck tom!!
She's a young turk, about 9 mo. She chose the nest area herself. Inside the brooder box. She was ok until I started closing the lid. She was right under it. She could see out, through the metal gate that is the top of the brooder. Unfortunately, she nested right under the lid. She eventually settled down for almost 3 wks. I had a heat lamp in there because of the cold. Not sure if she got too hot. I'm probably wasting my time and energy, but I still have the eggs on a cookie tin heater under a heat lamp. Not sure of the temp, but they are nicely warm when I turn them. I'm still trying to figure how I'm going to raise the humidity on lock down. I just couldn't bear to throw them away. It's all an experiment at this point and if they hatch, a MIRACLE.

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