My Broody Button Quail just hatched some chicks..

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Sep 8, 2008
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I cant believe it.. This is her second try.. She kept getting off of the nest alot lately.. I thought the eggs might all be dead.. I heard some chirping.. And looked in.. And there is a wet little baby.. I tried to get a picture.. But couldnt get one showing the chick.. I dont want to disturb the hen. The roo helped the hen off and on.. He is still in there.. So far it looks good.. But I think the hen might have bit at the baby though.. She has never seen one before.. I hope she takes care of it.. Or I will have to remove it..




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There is 3 more eggs in there.. She had way more but they were not all being covered by her so I took some out that way I knew they were being kept warm enough..

They are freaking out.. Acting like they are afraid of the baby.. The male is starting to chase the female now when she calls to the baby. I might have to remove him..

I heard that button quail rarely hatch out eggs.. She is just under a year old..
A lot of people say they have to remove the males, so you should watch him closely. I believe more would hatch eggs if people would keep them the way they are meant to be kept. They should be 1 male to 1 female, and have a good amount of space. I have a broody button right now, it's her first time as well. She hatched on Thanksgiving, so she is barely 6 months old.
I was wondering about that as well. Maybe if they had the grass, and means to make a nest on their own, then they would try to raise babies. But being kept in wire cages, and so far away from natural, I really wonder if that's why they don't go broody.

What's both of your set ups like? Perhaps we could all learn a bit from the way yours are kept, in order to encourage other buttons to try.
Well there is another baby half way out of the shell. And two more startng to zip.

I had to remove the male because every time she called to the babies. The male would attack her. The mom still is not going into the nest/house. Im affraid I might have to take the babies away because they are going to get to cold.

I keep my buttons in pairs only. I dont keep them on wire. They are housed in fishtanks with shavings. And a plastic butter tub as a house. I also start out my buttons in a group. Then I let them pick their mate and pair off with who they want to..

Just went to go look. Another one is half out. But one is not moving very well.
Mine are practicing communal living, so it's really a shock to me that any of them are trying! I have 2 different pens, one with 3 girls and 5 boys, the other with 3 girls and 4 boys. The one with 5 boys is the one trying to be broody. So idk what their deal is!! It started as my one golden redbreast hen trying to sit, with her blueface male beau, and now it's my cinnamon blueface hen that is sitting the nest for the most part. The blueface male is helping her as well.

I plan on making cages out of a bookcase type thing, there was someone on here that had done that, and I really liked it! But that's in the future, no money for parts right now
Well all four have hatched. And only one is dry and fluffy.. The mom still isnt going in the house to be with them and keep them warm.. She sits about 4-5 inches away and chirps to them. But wont go to them. Im worried they are going to get cold. Should I put a light above the cage. Or would that be to hot for the momma bird..

At this point I dont know when to help. Or just see if she can do it on her own.. It would be neat to have a button quail raise her own babies..
Aren't you the one that said you cut a hole in the side of the tub-house, so you can cover it for cleaning? Anyway you can put mama in there, and lock her in? The babies won't need to eat for a bit, but they do need to be kept warm!

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