My broody is looking kinda odd

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Jun 21, 2010
North Idaho
She has 8 days to go. She is a real trooper because it is very hot here. Her pretty red comb is looking very pale. Is this normal? She does get off for about 15 minutes a day to eat/drink and dust bathe. I check on her frequently and she appears to be ok but that color has me concerned. Thanks for your input.
I think it's pretty normal for them to look a little ragged toward the end. My broody looks the same, and she does get of at least 1x a day to take care of herself. She is DETERMINED. But she doesn't peck at me when I stroke her feathers.

We have about 10 days to go.
Check to make sure that the nest site is not infested with mites. They can devastate a brooding hen causing severe anemia and even death upon occassion.

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