My broody is pooping in the nest, any tips???

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So the first day of spring arrived and my broody girl went broody, she started in the nest boxes so she has 4 eggs one of which was hers. The other hens kept kicking her out so I put her in a separate hutch with water, food and a small run. The first day I went over and opened the box she jumped out went about her business and climbed back in. The next two she didn't and she has got the run in front of her so I figured she would use it. Then this morning I noticed she was sitting in her own mess. I lifted her out threw out the nest material, cleaned the box and wiped the eggs down with vinegar (I hope that was ok) set them back in and then bathed her and dried her off, she is now sitting back on the eggs.

My questions are:

Will my eggs be ok? Has anyone else experienced this?

How should I stop this happening again, is it ok to lift her off for her to poop?

Any thoughts and tips welcome
I not only had a broody that fouled her nest almost everytime, She fouled it during the hatch, one chick was out, the other four had pipped.. each time if the eggs were soiled I gently wiped them off with just warm water, when she fouled the new chick and the pipped eggs (and I mean FOULED
) I did the same...all five hatched out fine.
I dont know about using vinegar tho
oh and yes, every other day I took her off the nest ( we had a large rabbit hutch set on the ground and made her walk the full length back, sometimes she would do the job, sometimes she just wanted back on the nest.
Well I've been going in and lifting her nest out of the hutch once a day now, sometimes she doesn't want to get off the nest, I just lift her up and she does her business almost immediately. She tipped her nest one day when I lifted it out and we lost 2 eggs although one was infertile, I didn't have the heart to look at the other because it did show some activity when I last candled it.
I had been afraid to intervene with this girl because after I got her last year I noticed she had scaly leg mites and I treated her causing her to abandon her nest. This time she knows us, she seems comfortable and doesn't seem to mind the intrusion as much.
I hope the vinegar hasn't affected things too much, but those eggs were filthy and stained so figured they could do with a good clean.

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