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    Hi there,

    wanted to let everyone know who helped me in my last thread that my brother, whom was having some problems, is now on the road to a better life, he celebrated his 17th birthday and to his (and mother and mine) surprise his ex girlfriend who started all this showed up with a big ole' gift, a brand new xbox 360 and a few games. and a better gift, one of their outdoor farm cats also gave birth on his birthday to 6 healthy kittens.(5 females(3 gray,1 gray and white and 1 black), 1 male(black) all except the gray and white female have homes lined up the gray and white will be staying there

    apparently she(the girlfriend) heard through the school grape-vine that he was having his problems after she broke up with him, turns out they had an argument because she had told him that she had done certain...private acts with one of her old exs from years back WHICH turned out to be not true, so as of now they are back together starting fresh as it were.

    I personally spoke to the girl, and she indeed told me that what ever was said was NOT true, she seemed very remorseful so I hold her to her word.

    wanted to let everyone know that my brother is much much happier, he is still going to a cousilor every day after school (which they are now on easter break) he is on no medications because he does have astmatic reactions to alot of chemicals, both mother and I are still keeping a quiet eye on him and mother has loosened up on him some.

    just wanted to thank everyone and let them know how he was doing!

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    So glad to hear that your brother is doing so much better. I hope that things continue to look up for him.


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