My Brower clutch-day 14 report

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  1. Farmer Kitty

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    Sep 18, 2007
    I started out with 24 eggs. Here is the break down.
    13 of mine went in-only 4 remain
    I accidently broke 2 early on-had to clean the whole bator!
    The rest started but died along the way. They have porus shells-could that be part of it?

    11 of my SIL's went in-7 remain
    1 infertile
    3 started but died along the way.

    I cracked open a few and some that I thought were lost and had bloodrings still had veins! [​IMG] Some were obviously gone but not the last two. Now I'm second guessing myself and put the rest back in the bator. I guess as long as they don't smell I will keep them in there!
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    Quote:I feel your pain. I thought I clearly saw a blood ring in a brown egg when I candled at day 10, but that apparently has a chick growing in it because it doesn't look the same and it moves. So, I took the clears and the quitters out and left everything else.

    Good luck with yours!! We're on Day 16 here. I'm getting nervous, I hope they hatch [​IMG]

    ETA -- my bad, I think we're day 17... Ugh. LOL
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