My Buff Call went Broody!!

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    Yes, I finally have a call duck sitting on her eggs! My call ducks started laying about a month ago and about that time I bought a buff trio from a person locally. Well after a couple weeks I saw one of the buff hens lay an egg, so I put her in a breeding pen with her mate and she started laying everyday. I also had a white pair in another breeding pen and she too would lay an egg almost everyday. Well once they both had about a dozen eggs each I gave up on them sitting and took their eggs and put them into an incubator. The white call laid just one more egg then quit, but my buff call just kept laying an egg each day. Well she laid 7 more eggs and I put the egg from the white in with her and she decided it was time to sit. Yipee!! I do have her in a heated shop so even though old man winter is already knocking at the door, she should be just fine.

    She has been sitting now for 9 days and I did candle the eggs yesterday and they all are developing! 17 days to go!! Hopefully she will do a better job at hatching then I!
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    hatching vibes comin your way!!!!!!!![​IMG]

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