My Buff is constipated

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    Nov 22, 2014
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    I have a Buff that is little less than a year old. Her sister has been laying a while but she has not laid. This morning when I went to let them out of their coop, I threw some scratch out for them. As she was pecking around I saw her squat and strain a little. I thought she had pooped in her food so I picked up the rake to brush it out of the way. But no poop. I saw her do this 2 or 3 times. I was going to can't observe their toilet. But she seems ok, She eats as good as ever {I think} I have no way of separating them because there is just one small coop. I came to this pleasure a little late in life {I had kids, cats and dogs before}. Now I ha 2 hens and no money!! There is absolutely no way I can catch the chickens, they are too fast. Now when they want to come to me, it is a different story. When I sit outside in the summer, they jump up in my lap, on my shoulder, and even on top of my head! I have absolutely no one to help me catch them, nada. :( Should I just go out and buy some molasses? I have some white grapes here that gives the other hen just a little diahrrea, but if it will help....... She is a big fluffy hen but is a slow eater. She is at the far end of the yard now pecking away.She has fluffed herself up some, but it is cold and sprinkling rain so I wouldn't think that was a symptom. so has anyone else had an issue like this that worked itself out? Pardon the pun
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    She is a little late on laying for sure but that squatting behavior can be a sign that she is about to start. Try to get her at night to check whether her crop is full and hard (possible impaction) or if it is empty (not eating). Just my two cents, I've never had the problem myself.

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