My Buff Orpington hen is crowing!!!

chickies mom

7 Years
Jun 9, 2015
Fresno CA
Hazel my Buff Orrington hen, hatched May 2015, a great egg layer, has decided to start crowing. (Maybe the heat we're having here in California this summer has cooked her brain) She is still laying but has taken on the characteristics of a Rooster. She stands back as the girls all march out of the run to free range in the backyard like she is guarding them and crows all day. She originally was way on the bottom of the peck order among the 9 girls. Nothing has changed physically about her except for the blasted crowing. We live in a no rooster area. Does anyone out there has any ideas of things I can do or try to get her to stop. I was wondering if isolating her for awhile from the others would do it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My husband is "screaming "Give her away" which I can't bare to do if there is any chance she'll stop. By the way, I am changing her name to "Bruce formally know as Hazel". Virginia the Chickies Mom
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Is she the dominant hen? Because I just did a little research and read that sometimes the dominant hen takes over the role of a rooster, and sometimes, they even start to crow! I dont think that there is any way to stop it altough you should feel blessed. I also read that it is rare for hens to start crowing, which meens that you have a very special girl!
Our next door neighbor has a couple roosters, and our dominant lady has started very quietly mimicking them. It's kind of adorable, but then again, we don't have a rule about no roosters. Sorry no advice!

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