My Charolett (she is a Wyanadotte) has finally started laying but......

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8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
She is laying but, she has made a nest in the edge of the pasture in our back yard. She has only laid 2 eggs unless she had layed somewhere else. My question is how do I get her not to do that and to lay in the nest box? Thanks
I've been waiting to find this out too. My Black Australorp lays in my garden area and has resisted all attempts for weeks to lay in the nest box. :(
Try putting a decoy egg in the nesting box. Use a golf ball, plastic egg, wood egg, basically anything that resembles a real egg and put in in the box until she starts getting the idea!
If she is laying far from the coop you might want to shut her in for a few days so she gets used to laying in the coop. But a fake egg or one of her eggs in the nest and let her get into a routine before letting her out again.

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