My chick can't stand and keeps moving his head like crazy

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Hello everyone, I'm Sara i'm new here..Umm i have a 5 weeks chick it's been very healthy till today when he started to move his head real fast ..and he just cant walk ..his feet cant hold the weight .. he used to run really fast now he's all messed up, but he's still eating alright though..his eyes keep closing also, PLEASE help me !!
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    there are several. more symptoms will help you determine which. see the tables at the end of this link and see if the symptoms match:

    keep the chicken quiet while you get a diagnosis together and begin treatment. wear gloves and wash what it touches as always.

    most illnesses can be treated. if you can, print off or find a way to highlight the symptoms you are sure the chicken has.

    most of the drugs listed in the "treatments" can be bought at feed stores.
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    Hi Sara, sorry you are having problems.

    What is the chick eating? He should be on chick starter and if you are giving treats he will need some grit to digest it. Sometimes it can be a simple vitamin deficiency or improper foods.

    Since he has vague symptoms you might try him on some cooked egg yolks, yogurt and vitamins. You can dribble a few drops of infant vitamins down the side of his beak.
    I use the Poly-Vi-Sol Without Iron for mine. Most pharmacies carry it.

    Good luck and [​IMG]

    Rosco, great link, everyone should have that bookmarked. Thanks!

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