My chick was sick..


In the Brooder
Apr 24, 2017
Brantley County, GA
So, I had 6 chicks (5 now) and I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me what was wrong with her...

She wouldn't walk or stand,
She was laying over on her side,
She wouldn't drink but she'd eat.

But she has been "gone" 5 days now and it's just killing me what happened to her... When she died she was gurgling and drooling, was that normal?
This is my first time being a chicken owner so I don't know much things...
But I got some advice from my mom and dad (because they owned chickens when they were younger) and they said I did nothing wrong so.. Can anyone please tell me the illness?

Any other information you'd like, I'll try to give.

Thank you! ~SpoopyTheChicki


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