My Chicken Artwork. What do my Fellow BYC'ers think?


8 Years
May 31, 2011
Warrenton, Virgina
I have finally been able to do some chicken art and thought I would share. I had started a thread to draw peoples animals but I just don't have the time and I'll admit I am lazy at times... Any ways here is some of my doodles, finished art or works in progress. Tell me what you think. Such as "that background doesn't look very good", "the chickens head is the wrong size" or anything else that you see that you don't like. That's the problem with looking at stuff for hours on end I tend to miss big things that don't look very good. Also any one else who does chicken art I would love to see your work! I am the only person in the entire college that does chickens. Everyone including teachers and other staff know me as "The Chicken Girl". Hope you enjoy!

Going to load a new piece soon. Going to call it The Watchful Eye of Mother Hen I think. Going to be a silver laced wyandotte with some chicks.

Recent finished piece I did in colored pencil. The teacher told me the ground sucks and I should put corn on the ground but I'm not sure... It's supposed to be fall. I'm going to move the big leaf in the back because it is to close to the roosters foot. Any ideas how to fix it?

An Elliot Pheasant I did freshman year in Adobe Illustrator. Was going to make him into a calender with his tail fathers but hadn't gotten around to it. The Reeves pheasant I did looks much better. Need to find the file for that...

A colorful guinea I did in high school. (cheap colored pencils and pen)

Sophmore year we did a project that had to show exponential growth.

Here's the start to a book I was illustrating last year The Little Red Hen. I completely forgot about it until now. I'm hoping to come back to it to finish it.

I know I have more somewhere... Will load them when I find them.

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