My chicken ate STRING

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    May 6, 2012
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    Hi to everyone, my daughters and I are having a ball raising our first chickens...I'm loving this website because I'm learning so much and it's great to see how many people love their chickens as much as we do! But now we have an of our babies (she's six weeks old) grabbed my daughter's friendship bracelet off her arm and ATE IT! It's one of those braided embroidery floss things that the kids make...and we are so upset that this is going to kill her! Is there anything we can do? What should we be watching out for? Do chickens often eat foreign objects?? I'm grateful for any help...we are just loving our chickens...I never would have believed how much like children they are! Thanks
  2. They will eat almost anything if they get the notion. Chickens' digestive tracts are not the most advanced. If it's not too late, I'd consider trying to flush out the bracelet with water (somewhere on here there are posts talking about how to do a flush). If it's not too large a bracelet, it may come out on its own, the 'natural' way. Not sure your daughter will want the bracelet back should this happen. [​IMG]
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    I've seen chicks eat pretty big worms before. I would think if nothing happens in 24 hours you would be alright, but if anyone corrects me on that, listen to them, not me [​IMG] I wouldn't think it would kill your chick, just keep and eye on her and see if she does anything odd. \

    Congrats on entering the world of chickens! (Which there is no return from, by the way.)


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