My chicken coop is kept in a big shed I have brought should i put a vent on the side wall

It's hard to answer that without more details -- but too little ventilation is always a bad thing, in any climate. Maybe better safe than sorry.
Too much ventilation is better than too little. You can always make insulated panels to close off some vents - when(if) they are not needed. Make sure venting is backed by hardware cloth so no predators can squeeze inside the coop.
This is the coop which is inside the shed now in the day they come out and have all off the garden to therse

Exuse the condition it was painted today but don't have a pick yet
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I can't get your link to work. But yes, you are going to need venting no matter where you keep these birds. 1 square foot of vent space per bird in the ceiling or eaves.

Good luck and welcome to our flock!
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