11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
I came home from work unexpectedly today and could not find our golden sebright hen. She free ranges in our yard, the flower beds, bushes, on the deck and under the neighbors bushes and pine trees and their garden. At night she sleeps in or on top of her nest box. She has always come strutting and making her usual little squeaking noises whenever I called for her. This time she was a no show! I searched and searched in all her usual haunts and could find nothing. I was begining to think a stray had come into our yard and snatched her when, out of the corner of my eye I caught some movement under a hosta, it was Mrs. Chicken! I went inside to fetch one of her favorites, a whole wheat bagel. When I returned, she snubbed me! I held the bagel in front of her and she ignored me! I broke off a few little pieces and she ate them off the ground, but otherwise would not take them out of my fingers as she was busy rolling in the dirt.

Could it be that she was in ecstasy fluffing about in her warm dirt bath on a sunny day? Or, could it be she is starting to get broody for the first time? She will be 20 weeks old on 10/01. Have not yet seen an egg.

Any thoughts?

To me it sounds like your first guess is the most accurate, doubt very much that she is going to go broody so fast.

I would think she should be at least 1 year old for that behaviour - not positive, just sounds young. She also could be thinking on that 1st egg....give her time when they first start laying their behaviour can be a little erractic till they get into the swing of thing...Good Luck!

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