My chicken has poo on its bottom and doesnt seem to be growing??

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11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Hello there,

My chicken has got poo stuck on and around its bottom and it doesn't seem to be growing into a female or male! It is about 3 months old now. We bought it with another chick and the other one (which is male) has grown really big. Then a few weeks later we bought 2 more chickens a little older. They all seem very happy apart from the one with the poo around its backside!
Please can anyone tell me if this is anything to worry about and how i can clean the poor thing?

With the real little guys you use warm water and a paper towel. You have to soften the poo and keep wiping it off. Can take some time to do, don't want to pull it off and bring skin and feathers with with it. May try holding it's backside in warm running water or dipping in warm water and wiping until it's gone.

Hope this helps. I'm sure others have ideas too.

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