My Chicken in egg-stapated!

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    Dec 19, 2011
    Okay, so I know there are a kazillion posts about why chickens stop laying, but I haven't quite found any posts that exactly sum up my situation so here it goes.

    Ginny, my BLRW has been laying for a few months now. She has consistently laid one a day the majority of the time and even if she skipped a day, it would only be one day--never longer. She would just go up in the box, lay one and then go hang out with her buddies for the rest of the day. She's never been really broody. Now however, she sits in the box all day every day and never lays a thing. It's like she's trying to get it out and she can't. When I approach her she sort of squaks at me with a noise she's never made before, but she will let me pet her and if i take her out of the box she actually will stretch out her wings so I can rub them (yes my chickens are spoiled). I felt around her belly and it doesn't feel like she's got an egg inside anywhere, but it's been TWO WEEKS since she laid anything. I know for a fact she's not laying anywhere else because her eggs look different than my other chickens' and no predators are taking them. Nothing's really changed in her environment so I don't know why she would be too stressed to lay. What do I do?
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    Is she "growling" she is broody.

    It'll wear off - with time.

    Wyandotte are known to go broody 'frequently' -


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