My chicken is having trouble using his

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    Jul 2, 2010
    My barred rock is @ 8 months old. He lives with 9 others his age. All of the sudden last week he was flopping around. Hard for him to balance. He eats and drinks ok and can walk short distances but then sits on his legs. Sometimes he loses his balance and flops over. The others are not having issues. We separated him from the other but he flew over the fence back into their pen. Any ideas as to what his problem is or what to do with him?

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    Jul 26, 2010
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    Probably injured itself. Maybe flying down from the perch, or maybe another chicken landing on him. It happened to mine. I have separated her to her own crate. She's been there almost 2 months now. Is much better now. About a month ago I started letting her out to exercise, and take her dust baths. By next month, I should be able to return her to the flock. She had nothing broke, just a pulled muscle I think. Just like yours, she was limping real bad and threw her wing out for balance. Now she's almost back to her old self. It takes a long time for that kind of injury to heal, but she's almost there.
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