My chicken is limping!


6 Years
Jun 2, 2013
Cheshire , United Kingdom
[/IMG]hi, I have a Daisy Bell approximately 9 months old. Cleo was limping when I got her, but she had been henpecked so I put it down to that! However, when I picked her up yesterday, my partner noticed this wart like thing on her foot!
Does anyone know what it might be , or how I can cure it?
I would suggest going to the learning center above and check out bumblefoot. There are how-to's all about it!
It looks like it could be bumblefoot, which is an infection in the footpad. Bumblefoot occurs if the bird injures it foot (by stepping accidentally on a sharp wood chip, broken wire, etc, or by jumping down from too high a roost). It first appears as a small black scab, but can cause the foot to become swollen.

You can try soaking the foot in an epsom salt bath daily for a week or so, and see if that helps. Giving antibiotics like Penicillin might also help, as it is caused by a bacterial infection. It is possible that it will require surgery to remove the core. Here is some information on that:

Hope this helps!

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