My chicken is wheezing and sneezing

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    Aug 10, 2016
    my chicken is coughing and sneezing. he has been wheezing after he crows for about 1 week and a half. he has recently survived near death after he had extreme heat exhaustion twice, i don't know if his wheezing and sneezing has anything to do with this? i have read that we should feed him scrambled eggs and bread covered in olive oil, however he doesn't seem to want to eat the bread. we have just bought 2 new hens for him (as the others died of heat exhaustion) we don't know weather to separate him from them as we don't know if it can spread.

    Also does anyone know the best way to get rid of mites?

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    Welcome to BYC.

    What type of feed/treats do you normally offer?
    How recently were the new hens introduced?
    Was he coughing and sneezing before they arrived?
    Any runny nose/eyes?

    As a rule any new chickens added to your flock should go through a quarantine period so you can monitor them for any illnesss/parasites that could affect your existing flock.

    Coughing and wheezing is a sign of respiratory illness. Stress like heat exhaustion can cause symptoms to be presented.

    Make sure he has plenty of shade and cool water to drink. Scrambled egg is a good protein so you can give him some in addition to a nutritionally balanced poultry feed. Olive oil and bread, I would discontinue - this would be used once/maybe twice if your chicken had impacted crop or a little constipation (just to see if you could get things moving).

    If the hens are not showing any signs of respiratory illness then you will want to separate your rooster so you can monitor his progress.

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