my chicken isn't laying very many eggs and yet it looks like it pooped the inside of an egg


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Hi, so I have read a lot of posts here but I can't seem to find what I am looking for. It is actually my sisters chicken who seems to be having a problem. She is not laying very many eggs at all and the other day I was "chicken sitting" and I noticed that she seemed to poop out an egg, with no shell, not really anyway. I saw the egg white and the poop had some white on it. Can anyone tell me what is going on with her?
Sorry about being so graphic but i just want to find out whats going on. Thanks so much.
Is it an older hen or a young one?? There is a thread on here for weird eggs. Is she getting enough calcium? They need a good layer pellet or access to oyster shells. Many times that is why they lay an egg with no shell. You did not say if it had a yolk with it or not. Birds can have internal plumbing problems that cant always be fixed and the egg will end up going into the belly instead of going into the oviduct where it is suppose to. Too many possibilities with so little info.
sorry, I guess I could have given more info... she is a young hen She is about 6 mos. old. Yes, I believe there was some yolk there. She is going to get some oyster shells tomorrow. Thanks yo burrill!
New layers do some odd things. Some times they hurry a yoke through and it doesn't get much else, they can just make a glob of white without a shell as well. Weird things happen while they work out the kinks in their system..
So far with our new batch of hens we got one egg with a yolk and white but no shell--just the membrane--a shelled egg that was all yolk and no white, and several "soft shelled" eggs that were so delicate that they cracked when we were collecting or washing them. Now that they've been laying a while, though, they've leveled out quite a bit. We haven't had any soft shells for a couple of weeks.
Yes it can take young hens a few weeks to get the plumbing working right. Enough calcium once they start laying is the big thing to having nice hard egg shells. Mine free range all summer eating bugs and nearly no grain. Their shells are so hard they are very hard to crack sometimes. Just feed the oyster shell free choice in a separate dish. They will only take what they need so no worries about them over eating it. The first week all the chickens will probably eat alot of it so dont be suprised.
I dont think it is actually poop. It looks like some ovarian tissue was released with the yolk. they do look similar. I wouldnt worry too much unless you start finding eggs with issues on a regular basis. Then you may have a chicken with a more serious problem.

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