My chicken keeps prolasping every 7 DAYS- HELP PLEASE

Aug 23, 2019
We have a Polish mix hen who is around 2 years old, who prolasped about 2 months ago. We tried everything to help and she kept pushing it out, the size of the insides would fit into the palm of my hand and it was scary. Then my mother in law came to help after a few days. She put a medical mask against my chickens butt with witch hazel soaked gauze and some hemorrhoid cream on her butt and after cleaning out her new "diaper bandages" after two days she was fine again! UNTIL 3 weeks ago she prolasped again, we did the same thing, then she was fine. Until 7 days later, and again. And now here we are today and she's doing it again. They have calcium oyster shells to eat in the coop and I'm looking into getting liquid calcium for her water just in case. They also have vitamin powder in their water too. I don't know what is causing this! Any answers? I love her so much and putting her down and giving up is NOT AN OPTION. We have gotten through this several times, I just don't know what is causing this. She has laid a few eggs and been fine since last Friday.
Also she has had some blood on her butt from her vent, not a lot. I keep finding it on her butt the last two days only I'm the morning so it must be at night. She also had some blood 2 months ago but we figured it was from an egg. But I found out she might have an infection from reading another forum with a chicken who had an infection and prolasped vent, and to give her antibiotics: Amoxicillin for ten days, we did the math of what to give her for her weight so don't worry we aren't overdosing her. We are in day 5 or so of giving them to her. We tried to give her the antibiotics 2 months ago when this first happened but we couldn't get past day 5 because it was so hard to get her to open her mouth. Also we have no chicken vets anywhere near us so that also isn't an option :(
I've been so stressed out and on edge every day for the last two months, I check her butt everyday, several times a day to make sure she doesn't prolaspe. I just want her to feel better and not have to worry about this kind of problem again.
Thank you for any help and answers.


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Could the blood on her vent have been from another chicken pecking her vent on the roost? I think that you may lose this hen eventually, but you might want to get a vet to insert 2 stitches into her vent at 10 an 2 o’clock position temporarily to hold the prolapse inside. Also, if you can stop her from laying temporarily by keeping her in a dark room for 16 hours a day, allowing her out in the light for 8 hours a day to eat, drink, and walk around. It can take 3 or more days to stop, but that would give her vent some time to rest.

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