My chicken laid 3 eggs and is on her 4th in one day! What do I do?


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May 1, 2013
It's raining.
I'm freaking out over my 4 month old Barred Rock.

She started laying two weeks ago. Up until yesterday, she'd lay one egg a day. Then, last night (around 9:00 PM) when I checked her box, there was no egg. She was extremely puffed up and droopy. I knew she was egg bound, so as my mom went to get a bath ready I wrapped her up in a towel. Within a couple minutes an egg (with no shell) slid out of her. I thought she'd perk up a bit, but she became even more droopy, to the point where I thought she died in my arms. My mom and I gave her charcoal and set her aside from the flock in a laundry hamper in my room. At about one in the morning, I felt a flop on my bed. Guess who became my alarm clock? She was perky and seemed completely better. We checked the hamper and there was another egg without a shell.
Fast forward to 9:00 AM (this morning). She went to nest and laid another egg. This time with a shell. I'm so worried about my baby! She's the sweetest thing in the world, but if she keeps this up, I'm afraid it'll kill her.
Because, once again, she's on the box (at noon), getting ready to lay another egg.

None of our other hens are laying. And I practically watched her lay the last three. What the heck do I do?
So far today her personality is back to her usual self. But we don't even eat eggs; I just want a healthy girl. Any thoughts?
Thank you!
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I'm not sure, it sounds like you are doing all you can! I hope someone comes in and gives you better advice!

Not too long ago, one of my favorite Red Sex Links (she jumps on my hand on command!) was acting pretty drowsy and was walking all stiff-legged. She ended up laying three shell-less eggs in one day. The other chickens always go nuts and eat the shell-less eggs too :/

She perked up a lot afterwards and we haven't dealt with another since *crosses fingers*
It was weird because they get a complete egg layer feed AND free-access to oyster shell.

Anyway, good luck with your lovely girl, hope someone else has better help than me! Keep us updated!
Don't quote me on this, but the ones that came out without a shell....maybe they came out too fast bf her repro system could add or harden the shell. So, when I dissected one of my female quail, I noticed she had a couple of shell less eggs in her oviduct. They got smaller as they went up. So maybe something made her pass these eggs prematurely. Infection? That is early to start to lay. I am new to chickens, but dissected them in school and learned about their physiology too. Just a thought.

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