My chicken might have a broken foot? Please help


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Nov 23, 2020
Context about how the potential injury happened:

I house my chickens with my ducks and the ducks are about three times their size. So sometimes when it's feeding time, the ducks get excited and try and get to the front of the line to eat. I've seen a couple of my chickens get stepped on because of this.

This morning one of my chickens (a couple months old? Fully feathered.) was laying down after getting stepped on and I'm worried about her because she's become a lot less energetic than she used to be. I have her inside the house right now, where I gave her some food and water and laid her down on a towel. She was alternating between eating and sleeping while standing.

I was wondering how chickens legs are supposed to look?
(Are the feet supposed to be completely straight or have bumps?)

When I had her on a flat surface she wasn't putting weight on her back claw
at all. (She is now that she's sitting on my leg)


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Nov 23, 2020
To me it looks more like a health issue than an injury issue. Are her feces normal? Posture is reminiscent of coccidiosis.
I haven't seen her feces yet. But I did notice that after I got done holding her and put her down, her back claw won't support weight. She tried to stand but she kept inching back/leaning back and would fall.


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Nov 23, 2020
I'm trying to clean the mud of and her feet look red? ?


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Wyorp Rock

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The chick looks very unwell. I agree, I would treat for Coccidiosis. You can find Corid in the cattle section of TSC.

Liquid Corid dose is 2tsp - mix with 1 gallon of water and give as the only source of drinking water for 5-7 days.

For this chick I would also direct dose her with undiluted Liquid Corid at a rate of .10ml per pound of weight once a day for 3 days.
This is in addition to you making sure she's drinking the mixed water. IF she's readily not drinking the water, then syringe it into her every hour or so. She needs hydrated with the water.
See that she's eating some chick starter too.

You may want to consider treating all the chicks.
If they are with Ducks, you may also want to house them separately. If that's not possible, then provide more than 1 feed station so everyone is able to get to food.

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