my chicken needs help.

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    Jun 4, 2016
    Hello good afternoon I'm Betsy (nickname). My pet chicken whom is my best friend is ill. I took her out her box this morning she was out in the yard whole morning.She ate food but it was not the right food for her. By minutes to 1 pm i put her back in her box. By minutes to three i came back and she was on responsive. just lying there sweating in the box was really hot she was very hot i had closed the box but not fully . i thought she was dead. she was not moving she is very weak she is not standing or anything. her neck was weak and not normal it was swinging side to side uncontrollably. she cant stand up on her own i have to hold her in my hand. its a he sorry but i forgets and say she. He is pooping yellow and watery. For the last days she has not ate chicken food (growing mash) she was eating human food. I don't know whats the reason what is wrong? Is it because she was locked in a box in the hot sun plus hunger. i was wondering if its also because she drank dirty water with chemical in it. The red thing on top his head was red fully red now slowing turning pale the colour is going is that possible? Should i put him in my ac room from feeling warm? or outside for breeze? I tried feeding him but not responding i put water in her throat but she vomitted it back up.
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    Welcome to BYC. It sounds like she could be suffering from heatstroke or be very dehydrated. I would place her in a pan of tepid or slightly cool water to wet her feet. Give her water with SaveAChick electrolyes, or some Gatorade or similar. During hot weather, chickens need to be in a cool open space with good air circulation. Do you have other chickens? They tend to do better and eat better around other chickens. Is she old enough to lay eggs?

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