My Chicken Rescue

Dec 8, 2019
I’ve set up a chicken rescue on Craigslist. I take the chickens people don’t want, and if I don’t want to keep them myself, I adopt them out to good homes. Recently I acquired three new hens, a Rhode Island Red and two Gold Laced Wyandottes. They’ve been cooped up for a week and I’ve let them free to socialize with the chickens I already have. They are pretty scraggly, but the feathers should grow back in time.

I’m going to keep these three. My roosters are obsessed with the newcomers, but they don’t allow it. I need names suggestions!
Silkie (my unimaginatively named silkie chicken) is aloof about the whole situation.

Our little redhead over here is pretty friendly, but the others are more skittish.

I’m going to shut them in for the night, but more updates are to come!
I’m picking up eight more unwanted chickens tomorrow, so I’ll post about them, too.

Rachel Taylor

Aug 17, 2017
That is a great thing you were doing. It's awesome someone is finally thinking of the chickens. There's all kinds of dog cat wildlife rescues which is awesome even rabbit and small animal rescue. They almost like the chickens just forgotten about. Maybe add your location to your profile that way if any backyard chicken members want to adopt they can you talk to you That would be great because you know those chickens will be going to a good home.
I admire your time and effort into giving all of them a chance at a better life
Dec 8, 2019
The new arrivals have been released, all but the rooster, because the roosters I have now fight him. There is a waiting list for adoptions! I made the mistake of posting a picture of Silkie in the ad, so she's all people are asking for right now. No way i'm giving my child away.
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