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    Around 3 p.m. Thursday I brought home my portion of a shared order of Buff Orpington pullets. Since I've always done things backwards - and, at 60 years of age, I find no strong enough reason to change that method - I got my little peeps before starting work on their coup. Here's what they looked like that first day, less than 2 1/2 days ago:


    They're just tiny, downy balls of fluff, no other feathers forming yet. But they went after the food and water as soon as I put it in the cage with them!

    After only 2 days my little peeps are definitely growing;you can see where the feathers are starting to form at the wing tips.


    I had to re-fill the feeder and waterers today, so it's no wonder they've grown so. Good thing this is only half the cage! At the rate they're seeming to grow, they'll need more room before their coup is finished. So I can open a door into the other half of the cage, and I think that'll give me about 2 weeks before they HAVE to be moved to the coup.

    I'll start getting a time-line series of pictures to show the progress of the coup over the next 14 days, as well as the growth development of the chicks; and if everything sticks to schedule I'll be able to end with a pic of them in their new digs then. It should be interesting to watch the development of the coup, which is a re-model of an outbuilding we have that has been remodeled several times already.

    My husband and I are so excited to add these 13 chicks to our menagerie!
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    Don't ya just love chicks! So soft and little! You'll like the BO's, I've got one and she is just great! Happy chicken raising to you! [​IMG]
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    And of course I've already made a huge mistake in my excitement! The chicks arrived Thursday, April 16th, 2009, not April 12 (which was Easter Sunday!). They have been here less than 2 1/2 days as of today, Saturday.[​IMG]

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