My Chickens and Worms


7 Years
Jun 3, 2016
Wesley Chapel, Florida
We notice little white worms in our chickens poop. So I used Wazine as directed and they came back within a week. We did this twice... during that time we had to throw away the eggs...
I was wondering if any one knows of a good and natural way to rid my chickens of worms without having to throw the eggs out during the process?
Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
Wazine only works for large roundworms.
You may be dealing with a different type of worm.

Is collecting some fresh poop and running it over to the nearest vets office an option?
Fecal tests are fairly cheap and the can tell you exactly which worms you are dealing with.

If may want to use a better/different wormer, like Safeguard.

There is no "natural" way to rid worms, sorry.

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